Sunday, April 3, 2011

A (sort of) New Yorker's take on fashion.


  1. First off.. you were in MOOD! I am so so so jealous!

    I love your video! I like how you choose two completely different people and just talked fashion with them. Your video seems to tie in so perfectly with your blog, I really enjoyed it/I want to be that guys friend...

  2. He is Hannah's friend! Also, I had another interview with a Mood employee, but apparently I forgot to record it.

  3. I like this video. I agree with Roya's comment on how you interviewed two different people. I like how both people you interviewed are not originally from New York, it gives a nice perspective on New York fashion. I wish I could have seen more of New York fashion though, like walking with the camera around the city or something. It would become more of a story than just an interview This was good regardless though.