Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mia Hart: the essence of style.

Photo courtesy of Megan Drouhard

I met Mia Hart during my last year in Salzburg, Austria. We lived together for several months. Since our time abroad, I have watched Hart's style blossom into something magnificent.

This year, she chopped off her long chocolate curls for a cut like that of Amelia Earhart, but obviously cuter. What a babe. I would not believe it if you found anyone who could rock this cut better than Hart.

"After I cut my hair I felt the need to wear more feminine clothing," Hart said. "So I end up wearing a lot of dresses, leggings, scarves and long coats."

Hart said her clothing decisions are heavily dependent on comfort.

"If I can't stretch my legs or stand up in it, I probably don't own it," Hart said.

Lately, the 50s and 60s have influenced Hart's style, or, as she calls it: "kind of an Audrey Hepburn feel."

Hart's high-waisted pants and penny loafers are clearly not just your grandparent's favorite outfits anymore. Her high-waisted pants, tucked in shirts and cardigans fit her slender body perfectly. She also is not afraid to don herself in skinny jeans or shorts layered over tights. Printed dresses are also a favorite of hers.

"I've been pretty into high-waisted clothing because it's much more comfortable," Hart said.

According to Hart, her style reflects Portland's style more than that of her hometown located near San Francisco.

"I shop mostly at thrift stores but I a lot of the clothing I end up buying is from Urban Outfitters or American Apparel," Hart said.

Portlanders tend to go for the hipster/indie style, Hart believes, while her hometown is more of a hippie-town.

"I live about an hour away from San Francisco, and you start finding a lot more diversity with people and fashion choices when you get into the city, which is more similar to Portland," Hart said.

She said she also believes fashion is largely influenced by the music culture, which both cities have.

"This is extremely odd now that I'm thinking about it," Hart said, "It seems like people who listen to the same music end up dressing similarly."

Daily, I trek over to the library to see what Hart is wearing. She stays so true to her style it's like she was born to be a fashion icon. Obviously, Vogue better catch on. 


  1. What a great story about her personal style! I would have love to see pictures of her style (I didn't really know which one she was in the picture at the top), but you also did a great job with descriptions.

  2. She's the one on the right