Friday, March 4, 2011

my list of fashion f*ck ups: the legging.

As you may have realized in my last post, I am switching it up this week (and maybe next week too) by talking about current news, trends, etc.

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Like Lauren Conrad, I have my own list of fashion faux pas or ffu's (as phrased by Conrad). Or, rather my list is one major don't: the legging worn as pants. Unacceptable. Always will be. Unless you are a size zero.

Several months ago, I wrote a piece for The Beacon, the University of Portland's student newspaper describing my hate for this popular, yet abused trend. This will not be the last time I write about leggings in this blog because my love/hate relationship with this garment is so strong. 

Throughout the ‘80s spandex leggings were worn for aerobics, and after Madonna’s “Get into the Groove” moment, they were worn outside the gym.

My first encounter with the legging was in the first grade. I had a pair of black stirrup leggings that my mother always tried to wrestle me into. Sometimes, I was very unfortunate and succumbed to her wishes. However, these days, it’s hard to find me wearing pants of any sort as my love affair with leggings has blossomed over the past few years.

Recently, the female population is stretching the role of my favorite fashion garment too far. Leggings are being worn without anything covering them up. If they are going to be worn as pants, it must be done correctly so as to not give off a look that is vulgar.

I have one rule to assure that you’ll look good: when wearing leggings, make sure your dress, shirt or sweater falls past your bottom. No one wants to see your very unfortunate camel toe or what type of underwear you are wearing.

If you insist on wearing a top that is revealing, perhaps the jegging would be a more suitable choice. Gaining popularity last year, the jegging is the love child of jeans and leggings. They give off the look of a skinny jean, but are just as comfortable and stretchy as the legging.

Leggings are the ideal garment of clothing for the fashionable languid dresser, which is precisely what I am. This stretchy spandex stand-in for pants is the ultimate in relaxation. If the wearer happens to eat too much or gain a few pounds, the legging allows room for expansion.

Though leggings and jeggings are the easiest way to wear pants without actually wearing them, they do not leave much to the imagination. Therefore, wear with caution and for all of our sakes, wear a longer top. 

You don't want your friends thinking you're an ffu. 


  1. I love this post. I can't even begin to explain the FFU's I have committed with leggings. Particularly a pair of purple leggings....shudder...But In a few years, I'm sure I'll look back at what I was wearing now and shudder again.
    Fashion is really up and down for me. Sometimes I care, sometimes I don't. I respect people who have a natural eye and connection with it like you do.

  2. This is interesting to me because I never even looked at it like that. I guess I am a guy and don't notice things like this but it is cool to hear about what you girls think about it. It is funny to sit back and hear girls talk about all these little things that guys would never notice or think about. Nonetheless this post was very entertaining :)

  3. I love love loved your Beacon article about leggings because I cannot agree with you more. There's a great clip where Conan O'Brien tries on a pair of jeggings and it just looks terrible-ridiculous-gawdawful crazy. This is a phenomenon that either needs to stop or needs to learn when to become appropriate as exercise-wear. Thank you for reposting this.