Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Sex and the City" fashion interpreted by college students.

This past weekend my roommates and I held a "Sex and the City" themed party. Our guests had to dress how they interpreted "Sex and the City" style. Though, most Chanel and Dior gowns are out of the question when it depends on the average college student's bank account, many of our female guests wore cocktail dresses, sequins and heels. The men of the party also stayed true to "Sex and the City" style. They wore button up shirts, blazers and cashmere sweaters. Though "Sex and the City" fashion can be interpreted into over-the-top trends and fashions, ultimately it is about making the outfit your own in a way that will make you stand out from others. 


  1. hahah i LOVE this. The pictures are awesome and I think this was a good topic to do for the slideshow. I also love how we are all such broke college students so like you said, we definitely don't have the dior and chanel kind of stuff but hey ya'll still looked good :)!

  2. very nice idea,i love the outfits too!!